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Over the last 25 years, Milesbrand has helped to sell more than 30,000 homes and generated over $10 billion in revenue. Our singular focus on creating differentiation by identifying and communicating our client’s Brand DNA has produced an unprecedented history of success for many of the leading real estate brands in the world, including Disney, Hines, Orco (the largest developer in Europe), Orvis, Newland Communities, General Growth Partners, Pulte Homes, Centex Homes, Shea Homes, David Weekly Homes, John Wieland Homes, The Seaside Institute, Urban Land Institute of Colorado and more.

During this time, our work has become the most consistent barometer of creative excellence in the real estate industry. With 99 Gold Nationals awarded by the National Association of Home Builders and more than 500 Silvers to date, our winning record of creative leadership is unsurpassed.

MilesDNA Clients

our brand promise

Value Creation Through Brand Differentiation.
We are in the value creation business. We create value by helping our clients identify, and then communicate, their Brand DNA, the essential ingredients of their brand that provide the most compelling differentiation from competition and a lasting competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantages

Residential real estate marketing is in our blood. It’s all we do. And because it’s our passion, we do three things better than any other firm:


1) We discover the core of our clients’ true differentiation, their Brand DNA, through a well-defined, proprietary process: the Milesbrand Code.

2) We leverage and communicate our clients’ Brand DNA memorably across all communication channels, so our clients consistently compete more effectively and produce stronger recognition, recall, and marketing ROI.

3) We execute our marketing strategies with proprietary technology enabling us to make informed decisions rather than judgment calls.

Core Values

Three Core Values inspire our aspirations and anchor our behavior. These values represent the driving force behind all of our endeavors and express the very essence of our cultural DNA.

Milesbrand Core Values

We believe there is a universal truth in life: people rise to the occasion when leaders help them gain the confidence to do it. We believe the world has never been more in need of leadership. We aspire to help fill this void by providing consistent and predictable leadership to our organization and by growing leaders internally. Externally, we are dedicated to providing leadership to our clients, our industry, and the communities that we serve, through innovation, creativity and courage.

We believe that knowledge constitutes the ultimate asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages. We believe in a shared responsibility to contribute to the greater good by openly communicating our experience, insight, and knowledge through thought leadership and educational collaboration.

We believe that growth is fundamental to the human experience and essential to a significant life. We believe that personal and professional growth is the key to producing economic growth. We believe that the pursuit of lifelong learning is the only way to ensure personal and professional viability.


Our Work





Our Process



The Brand Charrette: Identify

The primary purpose of the Brand Charrette is to identify the essential ingredients of the brand that provide the most compelling differentiation from competition: Brand DNA.

Brand Charrette Deliverables:

• Conduct the Brand Charrette
• A written recap of the findings.

The Brand Positioning: Differentiate

The primary purpose of the Brand Positioning is to distill what was learned from the Brand Charrette regarding the essence of the Brand DNA, into a Unique Brand Promise. A strong Brand Promise is crucial to answering the most important value creation question of all:

“Will people perceive a difference that is desirable?”

Brand Positioning Deliverables:

A face-to-face presentation of the Positioning recommendations
Positioning document containing the following items:

• Strategic Workplan
- Defines branding objectives
- Defines Positioning strategy
- Defines key benefit

• Brand Ideal Perceptual Map
• Brand Character
• Brand Associations Profile
• Brand Promise Options.

The Brand Storm: Create

The purpose of the Brand Storm is to determine the most powerful way to express the Brand Promise. Approximately 20 unique expressions of the brand are created in order to compare a wide range of tone and personality options. The final choice provides a creative platform to guide all future communication. Think of this process as a “storm” of creative ideas all competing to become the most exciting expression of the brand.

Brand Storm Deliverables:

• Face-to-face presentation of the Brand Storm
• 5 copies of a bound document containing the Brand Storm concepts

The Brand Plan: Communicate

The purpose of the Brand Plan is to integrate business strategy with brand strategy to produce a comprehensive “Go-To-Market” lead generation plan. The Brand Plan provides a blueprint for communicating with the target audience by conducting a consistent conversation among many people over many channels. The Brand Plan acts as a road map for taking the brand from the way it is perceived today to how we want it to be perceived—the Brand Ideal.

Brand Plan Deliverables:

• Goals and Objectives
• Brand Plan Timeline
• Digital Strategy including social media and budget
• Realtor Strategy including budget

• Media Strategy including budget
• Referral Strategy including budget
• Drive-By or Walk-In Strategy including budget


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